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The Boston LEAH Program and its faculty direct continuing education courses each year on topics including Adolescent Medicine, Pediatric/Adolescent Gynecology, and Leadership, and Mentoring. The Faculty and Fellows give numerous presentations to professional audiences, families and youth, schools, and public health conferences in addition to providing consultations for technical assistance.

Additionally, MCH LEAH, LEND, and Behavioral Pediatrics Faculty and Fellows have authored learner-centered cases on growth, development, behavior and adolescent health to facilitate pediatric residents learning the Bright Futures guidelines for health supervision. These cases are available at the Bright Futures Center for Pediatric Education in Growth and Development Behavior and Adolescent Health website.

The LEAH Program has a track record of creating innovative interdisciplinary curricula including interactive cases on eating disorders, HIV, teen pregnancy, substance abuse, LGBTQ, and transition. Three have been published on MedEd Portal. Each year, the curriculum is reviewed and revised.

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